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RealTimes 2021

The new digital issue of RealTimes is all about being “stronger together.” From new working methodologies to automated driving, it's only by working together that we can respond effectively to the demands that we, as ETAS, also have to face. You will find plenty of fascinating articles on this topic in the latest issue of RealTimes!

Over a year has passed since the emergence of a global pandemic that has dominated our lives. We were compelled to find new ways of working together. Physical distancing and working from home were important from the outset, but we also focused more than ever on the idea of being stronger together. Of course, the automotive industry is also facing many other challenges, from automated driving and e-mobility to connectivity and new business models. New methods are required to continuously improve automotive software and bring it to market much faster, all without compromising safety. Teamwork is essential here – just like it is in activities such as whitewater rafting. Successfully navigating a river is something that can only be done as a team. If the boat tips over, life jackets ensure that nobody goes down, so everyone can get back on board and keep moving forward.

We already offer an extensive portfolio of promising solutions to help you develop automotive software, and we have plenty of other sustainable approaches in the pipeline. Agile methods, cloud-based solutions, and perfectly harmonized development solutions are the key to success. To find out more, check out our articles on “methodologies of the future.”

In the category “Successful with ETAS,” you can look forward to articles with fascinating insights into exciting customer projects from around the world, such as model-based development at Nissan, the use of EHANDBOOK at Audi, and the use of ETAS ASCMO-MOCA at Hyundai Motors.

Perhaps you want to take a look behind the scenes at ETAS? This issue’s “ETAS Insights” include a report on how ETAS hardware is tested in production and how this contributes to the high quality of ETAS products. We also arranged an exclusive interview to introduce you to our new Board of Management.

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