White paper on Software Delivery Performance KPIs

To optimize the software delivery process, businesses selling software products or delivering software components collect a growing number of metrics – the more the merrier. However, measuring performance in software delivery is challenging.

To dive deeper thematically into these challenges, ETAS has coauthored a white paper together with management consultancy Kugler Maag Cie.

What is the white paper about?

The white paper focuses on answering the question about which KPIs are most suitable for measuring Software Delivery Performance and how those apply to the automotive domain.

After a short overview of KPIs in general, a deep dive into software product classes and Software Delivery KPIs follows. Besides insights into Off-the-Shelf (OTS), Off-the-Shelf with customization (OTS + custom software), and Software as a Service (SaaS) product classes, the focus is on deepening the understanding of the following KPIs: Overall Lead Time, Deployment Frequency / Delivery Frequency, Mean Time To Recover / Mean Time To Repair (MTTR), and Change Fail Rate (CFR).

What to consider when working with these KPIs is covered in more depth in the “Guidelines for Working with Software Delivery KPIs” section.

After a detailed description of a use case at ETAS, the white paper concludes with a summary.

“The question on how to map and explain the applicability of generic software engineering patterns to automotive software engineering became important to the business and to me personally. Therefore, I am glad that Kugler Maag Cie and I both had a shared interest in writing this white paper.” (Rainer Dammers, ETAS coauthor)

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