The first new PCI Express boards for the testing system LABCAR are now available.


New PCI Express boards for LABCAR

The new PCI Express boards ES5335 and ES5340

The first new PCI Express boards for the testing system LABCAR are available, now. They facilitate Hardware-in-the-Loop testing with extremely low latencies – providing the power required for developing automotive electrical propulsion systems.

The new boards are the ES5335 Angle Synchronous Signal Generator Board for PC, designed to perform simulations of crankshaft and camshaft sensors and the ES5340 Electric Drive Simulation Board, optimized for testing inverter/electric motor ECUs at the signal level. The ES5340 is available either by itself or in conjunction with a configurable, FPGA-based inverter/electric motor model. This model effectively reduces the pin-to-pin latency in another drastic step.

The new PCI Express boards can be deployed in a variety of systems, ranging from a simple, virtual-test RTPC devoid of additional I/O hardware, to a highly complex networked testing system containing both real and virtual components. Needless to say, the new boards seamlessly integrate into existing LABCAR systems, cooperating with all VME based hardware.

The new PCI Express boards are a further proof of the power, capability, and excellent price/performance ratio of the PC-based LABCAR testing system.