The 34th FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress took place November 27 through 30, 2012 in Beijing.


ETAS successfully participated in FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress

The 34th FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress took place November 27 through 30, 2012 in Beijing. The Congress attracted a total of 2,179 participating representatives and the technology exhibition held concurrently drew nearly 7,000 professional visitors. All in all, some 9,000 automotive professionals from 40 countries around the world took part in this grand international event.

FISITA World Automotive Congress is recognized as one of the most influential international events in the global automotive industry. This year’s Congress was highly valued by the Chinese government and leaders and set many records in FISITA’s history. The Congress attracted the most participating representatives and the most papers for exchange that FISITA has ever experienced in history. The seven break-out sessions marked the most abundant theme activities that FISITA has ever had in history. The exhibition held in parallel with the Congress occupied an area of some 16,000 square meters and drew a total of 128 participating companies and nearly 7,000 professional visitors from 35 countries, making it the largest professional exhibition ever held during the FISITA World Automotive Congress in history.

A silver sponsor to this year’s FISITA, ETAS hosted a technical session called "Virtualization in the ECU Software Development Process" in the afternoon of November 28. The session was moderated by Prof. Deng Weiwen from Jilin University and Mr. Friedhelm Pickhard, Global President of ETAS, delivered a welcome speech. Afterwards, Dr. Christoph Stoermer from ETAS, Ms. Eliane Fourgeau from Dassault, Mr. Chen Shuxin from FAW, Prof. Shigeru Oho from Nippon University and Mr. Engelbert Loibner from AVL delivered insightful presentations. ETAS participated in collaboration with Bosch in the accompanying exhibition by displaying the latest products and solutions for use in the development and testing of electronic control units (ECUs). The exhibits included GDI-LABCAR, Battery LABCAR, FlexECU, VCU as well as measurement and calibration software and modules. The on-site engineers engaged in informative discussions with the visitors.