Vehicle tests can quickly lead to stress and hectic. To avoid this – was the goal that the ETAS customer support set themselves. With the target to support proactively, the team hit the road and visited places, which were known as highly frequented test-sites of many customers.


Premium Support at the Pico del Veleta

Our company banner is a welcome sight – even way out on the mountain peak

ETAS banners are waving on the highest paved road in Europe, which is leading to the mountain peak of Andalusia´s Pico del Veleta. Also ETAS Support was at the ready on the IDIADA test track near Barcelona. Word of the new and proactive service offered by ETAS specialists quickly spreads amongst the large contingent of attending calibrators. Namely, to assist customers during commissioning of the ETAS systems in the test vehicle, to provide hardware for quick replacement and to early identify difficulties by the long experience of the support staff and to correct them proactively.

As a rule, customers call for Support only once the technology is really on the blink. And more often than not, that happens when a project is in a hot phase. Valuable hours are lost and nerves are frayed due to minor incompatibilities, wrong operating system settings, faulty network configurations or incorrect hardware wiring.

Down-to-earth service that’s appreciated

Relieving the pressure where it is most apparent
A typical scenario for such a case are test drives. Specialists specifically flown in for this purpose are tweaking the tuning of new models. Time schedules are extremely tight and test vehicles a scarce commodity. This is the point where support can inject a sense of excitement and eliminate any chance of pressure and frustration being created in the first place.

The plan was first implemented in southern Spain. Rising from an elevation of 700 m to 2,400 m, the road ascending the Pico del Veleta is quite popular with customers. They calibrate engine management parameters in the presence of rapidly changing atmospheric pressure and temperature conditions.

Dealing with the IDIADA people was a bit complicated as the access to the test track is strictly controlled. After all, here you have models running laps that no customer and no journalist have ever seen. And the Formula One is quite at home here, too. However, thanks to excellent liaison with IDIADA personnel and on the strength of convincing arguments, the team was granted access after all.

Enthusiastic responses
The project succeeded: The support provide ranged from the provision of forgotten cabling to the repair of a dropped PCMCIA card, to consulting and active assistance with software settings, driver issues, and corrections of faulty hardware settings. To calibrators, road trials comprise situations of severe stress and extreme pressure. And each time they found that the Support Team had taken the load off from them, they were absolutely thrilled.

ETAS contribution as a premium-class vendor: Convince our customers not only on the strength of our extraordinary technology but also with first-class service. Continuance of this offering is already scheduled. As ETAS developers were also on location, experiencing up-close and personal the way in which our customers deploy our systems and the kinds of problems that might occur. This will help us develop even closer to accommodate the needs of the customer.