In Motorsports, nuances decide about victory


Raeder-Manthey Relies on ETAS Tools For Optimal Performance

Porsche 911 GT3 RSR from Manthey Racing

Motorsports demands high performance. This is especially true for long-distance competitions such as the ADAC Zurich 24-Hour Race on the Nurburgring. The permanent load and the course of the Nurburgring with the tight curves and large height differences of the North Loop, the infamous "Green Hell", garnished with the changeable weather in the Eifel, require the highest driving skills. In this race, the cars are exposed to enormous stresses. To bring the power of the racing engines to the wheels as efficiently as possible, the electronics of the race cars have to be perfectly calibrated.

Manthey-Racing’s Porsche 911 GT3 RSR in hot pursuit by Falken Motorsport’s 911 GT3 R

“The level of the 24 hour race or the VLN long-distance racing championship on the Nurburgring is actually so high that getting the most out of the electronic controls really is key. Very small nuances in the electronics of the car decide about victory or defeat” emphasizes Nicolas Raeder, managing director of Raeder Motorsport and Manthey-Racing. “As a consequence”, Raeder continues, “we rely on ETAS tools to prepare and tune the race cars. We use INCA for the preparation and calibration of the vehicles on the dyno. The ES720 drive recorder gives us the opportunity to acquire data from the vehicle under real racing conditions, e.g., during the training, and to identify room for improvement in time. On that basis, we are able to prepare the cars perfectly. The comprehensive analysis of the data enables us to set up and optimize future developments.”

Despite of a scratch, the ETAS logo stays on its place

At this year's race at Pentecost two Porsches of Manthey-Racing driven by factory drivers entered the race wearing the blue ETAS logo: The 911 GT3 RSR with Lieb, Dumas, Luhr and Bernhard and the 911 GT3 R with Bergmeister, Holzer, Lietz and Tandy on the wheels. The blue emblem that also graced the overalls of the racing drivers stood out on the green and yellow painted vehicles and was not to be overlooked by the local audience in the stands and at home on television.

Next is Marco Holzer’s term. The driver of the Porsche 911 GT3 R prepares himself mentally for the race

Wins after rain chaos

In heavy rain and thick fog, the 24 h race had to be interrupted from Sunday 11:45 pm until Monday 8:20 am. "The race stop was absolutely inevitable for safety reasons," says Nicolas Raeder. Shortly before the race stoppage, the 911 GT3 RSR was in second place. Unlike the competition, the team used rain tires at restart, which quickly proved to be a tactical error. At fading rain and clearing sky, the team was forced to switch to cut slicks. In an exciting race, the drivers could not completely recoup the time gap lost in the unscheduled pit stop until the finish on Monday afternoon at 5:00 pm.

Audi TT RS 2.0 from Raeder Motorsport

Unlike previous years and to the disadvantage of the Manthey-Raeder teams, after restart the next morning the result of the previous day was not taken into account. The long-distance race turned into a nine-hour sprint. The change of the regulations surprised Nicolas Raeder who commented on the modification in clear words: "Due to the long course profile, this rule is not fair. With the usual addition of the results, there would have been another overall winner." Nevertheless, the drivers of the GT3 RSR, who eventually crossed the finish line in seventh place, succeeded to win the SP-7 special ranking of vehicles with naturally aspirated engines with weight dependent maximum performance. The sister team in the GT3 R achieved a respectable eleventh place in the overall ranking. The team around Recaro managing director Elmar Deegener in the Audi TT RS 2.0 of Raeder Motorsport, the third car sponsored by ETAS, won the SP 3T class of vehicles with turbo engines limited to 348 HP and achieved a very good 25th place in the overall ranking.

Rain and fog in the North Loop of the Nürburgring

Continuing success

Also considering the other races this year, Nicolas Raeder is very satisfied with the current performance of the racing teams. At the Le Mans 24h race, two 911 Manthey Racing Porsches came in first in the GTE-Pro class. Moreover, they currently lead the VLN championship of 200 race cars. The VLN is organized by motorsport clubs of which each hosts one event of a ten-race series held on the Nürburgring.