ETAS’ Embedded Security Specialist celebrates its anniversary



Be it automotive or transportation, consumer electronics or mobile devices, automation, logistics, finance or the medical sector – for ten years now companies, industries and governments worldwide have trusted ESCRYPT to secure their embedded software. And the security system provider has yet more goals for the future, promises ESCRYPT Managing Director Dr. Thomas Wollinger at the anniversary party in the beginning of March.

Only a decade ago successful research at the Horst Görtz Institute IT-Security of theRuhr University Bochum led Prof. Christof Paar and engineer Willi Mannheims to found the spin-off company ESCRYPT. In April 2012, the system house with its headquarters in Bochum, Germany, became a subsidiary of ETAS Group. Today, the highly specialized team of electrical engineers, computer scientists and mathematicians of ESCRYPT provides a wide range of security products, consulting services and solutions tailored for embedded software systems in many different industry sectors.

Anecdotes and stories around the founding and the following years of constant growth were at the centre of ESCRYPT’s anniversary party on March, 4 at the headquarters in Bochum. Associates all over the world took part in person or via Webex; among the guests were Friedhelm Pickhard, Chairman of the Board of Management at ETAS, Martin Emele of BOSCH-COC Security and the experts Markus Ihle and Hamit Hacioglu. Finally, in his speech on ESCRYPT, David Oswald of the Ruhr-University in Bochum highlighted the past and future of embedded security.

„Apart from celebrating together, our strength is our comprehensive approach to all matters embedded security“, says ESCRYPT Managing Director Thomas Wollinger. „We offer protection for all kinds of embedded applications including the relevant infrastructure and organizational aspects. Our work begins when customers develop new products and applications and covers the entire life cycle of products and services, including individualized consulting, analysis and testing. When it comes to security, it’s always important to consider the entire security chain. Since a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, embedded security generally requires tailored solutions that take into account both a specific application and its resource-limited operational environment. “

As the market grows, so does ESCRYPT. „Take car connectivity as an example“, says Thomas Wollinger. „Today, all physical aspects of safe driving are successfully been taken care of by devices and technologies such as airbags, the Anti-lock Brake System, the Electronic Stability Program and many other products. The future of safety therefore clearly lies with virtual systems – with real time weather monitoring, traffic jam prognosis, navigation and countless other applications designed to reduce accident rates.“

This is were ESCRYPT steps in to ensure the proper working and uncompromising safety of embedded software systems. As a subsidiary of ETAS being a part of the Bosch group , the specialists are cutting edge as far as innovation is concerned. „When Bosch develops hardware such as the processor HSM for engine control units, we deliver the necessary security software“, illustrates Thomas Wollinger the synergies. Of course, external customers also profit from security software, strategy, assessment and architecture offered by ESCRYPT „Take our key management solutions: customers may use our software to generate cryptographic keys, or they can outsorce the entire process including servers and 24/7-maintenance.“

With services like these, the university spin-off ESCRYPT has grown to become a worldwide successful player preventing unauthorized access to embedded systems. The company is already represented with eight offices in Japan, USA, Korea and Germany and will certainly continue to grow in the next decade.