ETAS and subsidiary ESCRYPT have teamed together to launch a joint lecture series at the University of York and the Ruhr University Bochum


ETAS and ESCRYPT develop lecture series on safety and security

University of York campus

Developments in the automotive industry in recent years have shown that conventional safety measures are increasingly being combined with security mechanisms.

That is why ETAS and ESCRYPT have joined forces with the University of York, an internationally renowned university in the field of safety, and the Chair for Embedded Security at the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) to develop a joint lecture series on safety and security. The first module, “Introduction to Security for Safety-Critical Systems”, has now been successfully completed at the University of York, as was the second module, “Introduction to System Safety Engineering and Management”, at the Ruhr University Bochum.

Each module lasted one week. The first week introduced security topics such as the basics of IT security and cryptography, security standards, network security, and embedded security. The second week of lectures focused on systems engineering for safety, high-integrity systems engineering, and safety management systems.

How did the collaboration come about?
ETAS has had close ties to York for more than a decade. In 2003, ETAS acquired the York-based company LiveDevices. LiveDevices was founded in 1997 as a University of York spin-off, and quickly grew to become a leading provider of embedded software solutions for the automotive and industrial sectors. ETAS’ York location still maintains a close relationship with the University of York and employs many of its graduates.

The York location is ETAS’ Center of Excellence for embedded software systems. Its organizational unit “RTA Solutions” combines embedded software product management and development with embedded software consulting and engineering. Safety consulting is another of the embedded software specialists’ areas of expertise. Safety (functional safety) is becoming much more of a consideration in designing and developing embedded software, since embedded systems are growing in complexity and the impact of security-relevant aspects of the vehicle and systems control is rising.

ETAS subsidiary ESCRYPT and the Ruhr University Bochum enjoy similarly close ties. ESCRYPT was founded in 2003 as a spin-off of the Ruhr University Bochum’s Horst Görtz Institute for IT Security, and is a leading provider of security solutions for embedded systems. ETAS acquired ESCRYPT in 2012, thereby bringing together safety and security in a way unique for the sector.