ISOLAR-EVE V2.2 released

ISOLAR-EVE V2.2 supports rest bus simulation with BUSMASTER and CANoe

The new ISOLAR-EVE V2.2 is available now. This tool platform for efficient, PC-based development, validation, and verification of embedded software supports new use cases such as rest bus simulation, measurement, and calibration. As a result, it allows for even more flexible and versatile integration into existing development tool chains.

The Eclipse-based ETAS product family for AUTOSAR software testing via PC allows users to create complete virtual AUTOSAR ECUs. It now supports several new use cases and features, including:

  • Rest bus simulation on virtual CAN (Controller Area Network) bus using CANoe from Vector Informatik or BUSMASTER
  • Measurement and calibration via Windows PC using the standardized XCP protocol, e.g. with ETAS INCA or other measurement and calibration tools
  • User-friendly graphical configuration of virtual ECU interfaces for closed-loop operation (e.g. in Simulink® or in an FMI-based integration platform), debugging, and test automation.

ISOLAR-EVE integrates a production AUTOSAR-RTE and AUTOSAR-OS and can generate an AUTOSAR MCAL (Microcontroller Abstraction Layer) for your PC based on your basic software configuration. This way, the behavior of the production ECU can be tested under realistic conditions using your PC from a very early stage in the development process.

Learn more about ETAS ISOLAR-EVE on the product page.