ETAS wins bronze – readers put EHANDBOOK third place in the “Product of the Year” awards

An award with pedigree: the readers’ choice “Product of the Year” awards given by the magazines Elektronik and Elektronik automotive and the website elektronik.de are now in their 18th year. There are eleven award categories, each with ten product nominations, and what’s special here is that it’s not a selected jury that picks the winners. Instead, it’s the readers who can vote for their choice by mail, fax, or online. The final winners for this year were chosen on March 17, 2016.

ETAS was nominated in the Automotive category for its EHANDBOOK solution. This was in itself a small victory, since the expert editorial staff at Elektronik and Elektronik automotive select only the most interesting and innovative products for a place on the shortlist.

But the story doesn’t end with the nominations. EHANDBOOK made it onto the podium, coming third in its category. This shows just how highly the specialist readership values this product, especially considering EHANDBOOK is a new and purely software product.

Indeed, EHANDBOOK is a new, innovative solution for interactive ECU documentation. It saves users the trouble of trawling through volumes of documentation, since it can use source data from ASCET, Simulink, or C code to automatically generate interactive graphics and models. This means it takes users less time to find the information they need, providing an easier and faster way to understand how ECU software works.

Stefanie Eckardt, editor at Elektronik automotive, presents the award to Dr. Patrick Frey and Ralf Rick

Product managers Dr. Patrick Frey and Ralf Rick accepted the certificate at the awards ceremony in Munich. “It was a successful evening and I’m delighted that EHANDBOOK proved so popular with readers,” says Dr. Frey.

Bosch was also among the award winners – one success was first place in the Sensor Systems category for its BMF055 movement sensor.