“On-the-road” support

In July, a team from ETAS Customer Support traveled to the Spanish province of Granada for a few weeks to provide one-to-one support at summer testing. The Sierra Nevada Mountains are the ideal place for manufacturers to put their cars and their technologies through their paces – the variations in height (2,600 m), temperature, and air pressure enable customers to test the cars’ control units under a wide range of conditions.

Halfway between each stop, the ETAS team is ready to apply its extensive knowledge to provide customers with first-class support. Most of the problems they encounter can be solved on site. For instance, when the ETAS measuring modules are not connected right, they conduct a troubleshooting and correct the network configuration.  If severe problems occur the colleagues in Feuerbach are standing by to ensure satisfied customers.

And they only leave happy customers behind: “Thank you very much for the onsite support. Now I can measure twice as much in my very valuable time.”