Formula Student teams experienced ETAS

With bobby cars and racing cars in the starting grid, a successful event took place in November: eight Formula Student teams met with associates at “ETAS Inside 2016” and shared the excitement of students constructing their own racing cars. ETAS welcomed DHBW Engineering Stuttgart e.V., Rennstall Esslingen, the Formula Student team from Weingarten, FaSTDa Racing from Darmstadt, CAT-Racing from Coburg, WHZ Racing Team from Zwickau, KA RaceIng from Karlsruhe, and joanneum racing all the way from Graz.

With introductions made and the teams settled in, the event really got going with a program of interactive activities. These allowed the teams to get to know each other and provided them with an insight into the company, the close cooperation and its products.

During the midday break, the students proudly presented what they had being working on so hard: their racing cars. These highly innovative machines were displayed in the entrance hall at ETAS Feuerbach in Stuttgart. Associates were able to view them close up and there was soon a lively conversation among the associates and the students. Also Executive Board member Friedhelm Pickhard didn’t miss the opportunity to inspect the fantastic racing cars and exchange ideas with the students.

After lunch seven workstations were set up to guide the students through various topics. These included career opportunities at ETAS, hardware and software products such as ETAS INCA, ES910, and ETAS ASCET; typical ETAS products and solutions that Formula Student teams have used in developing their racing car. Each station had associates on hand to share their extensive knowledge, explain the products on show, and answer the teams’ questions.

Then it was finally time for the bobby cars. Despite strong competition, Rennstall Esslingen completed the course the fastest and emerged victorious from what was an exciting and tight race.

The momentum and excitement carried on after the event with a bowling tournament and the students will keep ETAS in their mind as a company which is really exciting to work with.