We are 1000

ETAS Group can now celebrate its 1,000th associate.

This great achievement didn’t happen in one day: Founded in 1994, ETAS started off with just 42 associates in Feuerbach. From then on, the company grew steadily and developed into a successful global sales and service organization over time.

With 595 associates today, the ETAS location in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, Germany, serves as headquarters. Growth was also achieved through targeted acquisitions. In 2003, ETAS bought LiveDevices, a company based in York, UK. ESCRYPT was acquired in 2012, which continues to have its headquarters in Bochum, Germany. They too have the perfect reason to celebrate: ESCRYPT greeted its 100th associate.

ETAS has continued to grow not only nationally, but also internationally. The first office outside Germany opened already in 1997 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Further locations followed, mainly in Asia and Europe. Today, ETAS Group offices are found in 12 different countries. The most recent international new office is in Kitchener, Canada, and opened its doors just four months ago.