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Kickstart automotive innovation

For us, as the long-time experts in vehicle base software, middleware, development tools, cloud-based operations services, cybersecurity solutions, and end-to-end engineering and consulting services, Enabling Tomorrow's Automotive Software really means sparking collaboration and thereby innovation with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in a vibrant community.

The future of vehicles starts with software. And YOU.

Most software nowadays is built as or on top of FOSS. Thus, we cannot do software development without interacting and working on FOSS.

We are one of the leading players in the SDV FOSS communities and have built up teams of experienced open source experts to help you on your journey. We are proud to take a holistic view on many different aspects of the SDV FOSS ecosystem and our broad depth is a major advantage to “speeding up from day one.

Kick-start future mobility

Fast development of new functionality and innovations requires a solid set of basic enabling but not differentiating technologies and software. Developing FOSS is a good way to build this foundation while competing on differentiating aspects. So, relying and collaborating on FOSS instead of spending time and resource on solving the same challenge internally, frees up resources and time to accelerate on creating future customer value.

Our Manifesto - As an organization and its individuals, we are:

At ETAS, we firmly believe that every line of code, every contribution, and every innovative idea can be a spark that ignites transformative change. That is why at ETAS we inspire each other to dive into the world of FOSS and turn our potential into powerful contributions that shape the mobility software ecosystem.

The heart of progress beats in the rhythm of learning, exchange, and growth. At ETAS, we envision FOSS as a gateway to a journey of personal and organizational advancement. That is why we foster an environment of continuous learning and collaboration.

Our vision extends beyond our individual efforts; it encompasses the impact we make on the world around us. By promoting visibility, we ensure that our contributions resonate, inspire, and create a ripple effect of positive change, leading to a stronger, more interconnected FOSS landscape.

We are committed to developing contributions that align with community best-practices, such as prioritizing upstream contributions and maintaining open, transparent communication. Our aim is to serve as a guiding light, showcasing the benefits of these practices and fostering a culture of effective collaboration within the FOSS ecosystem.

We advocate for the spirit of innovation and collaboration, beginning with a steadfast commitment to exploring FOSS alternatives. Prior to venturing into custom code or proprietary solutions, it is our pledge to diligently seek and embrace the rich landscape of Free and Open Source Software. Through this proactive approach, we lay the foundation for innovative solutions and resourceful progress.

Within the vibrant FOSS community, we stand not as mere spectators but as active citizens of FOSS. We take responsibility, dedicating our efforts to engage, uplift, and contribute meaningfully to FOSS communities.

The essence of growth lies in the collective contributions that shape our joint journey. We actively participate in open-source projects as an integral part of our daily responsibilities. Through each contribution to FOSS projects, we initiate progress that leads to shared advancement.

In our interactions with FOSS communities, we always act responsibly and with integrity. With care and respect, we cultivate an environment where content and communication are guided by values. This serves as a beacon, illuminating our commitment to safeguarding the interests of both our company and the community.

The world of FOSS offers tremendous opportunities for personal growth and insight. We actively embrace the learning and personal growth prospects that come with FOSS engagement, and we are committed to consistently applying these acquired insights within the organization's framework.

These principles are based on the Mercedes Benz FOSS Manifesto licensed under Creative Commons CC0.

Projects we are engaged in

Partnerships and partner networks are a key enabler for tomorrow's automotive software

Eclipse Software Defined Vehicle (SDV)

The Eclipse Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) Working Group provides a forum to build and promote open-source software and open collaboration models around the vehicle applications development and deployment.

Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance (COVESA)

The Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance (COVESA) is an open, collaborative and impactful technology alliance; accelerating the full potential of connected vehicles. As a force-multiplier, the organisation's goal is to create a more diverse, sustainable and integrated mobility ecosystem.

The initiative wants to make the software-defined vehicle (SDV) a reality. The goal is to support digital value creation for OEMs by following a "digital first" approach: utilizing the emerging software-defined vehicle infrastructure to prototype, simulate and test new ideas.

Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation provides a neutral, trusted hub for developers and organizations to code, manage, and scale open technology projects and ecosystems. 

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Are you ready to be at the forefront of change, using your skills and passion to shape the future of mobility? We're inviting you to become a part of our team where you can turn your ideas, ingenuity, and determination into a career that truly makes a difference. ETAS is a future-oriented company under the roof of the Bosch Group. We combine the best of two worlds: the dynamics of an innovative, fast-growing mid-sized company with the successful tradition and market strength of a large international corporation. Discover what makes us different.

The FOSSbassadors

We are an enthusiastic team of open-source ambassadors with diverse backgrounds from different areas of ETAS and the Robert Bosch Group. We strive to the spirit of open-source to all areas of our company. It is our goal to work with the open-source community on innovative projects, to learn from each other and share our experiences.

Do you have question or want to join our initiatives – contact us!

Philipp Ahmann

Job position:
Sr. OSS Community Manager

Function within the FOSS Team:
Community Management, OSS Strategy & Business, Specialist OSS in Safety

"For me, Open Source communities serve as a catalyst for inspiration and innovation. They foster collaboration beyond the constraints of business boundaries. FOSS dismantles silos within teams and hierarchies. Just like Agile, Open Source is not just a set of tools and methods, but a mindset. It is something that needs to be embraced and integrated into our daily lives to fully enable its transformative power."

Daniel Krippner

Job position:
Technology Strategist

Function within the FOSS Team:
Community engagement, technology/opportunity scouting, developer

"Collaboration across boundaries is the best way out of the usual zero-sum corporate game."

Sven Erik Jeroschewski

Job position:
Senior Software Engineer

Function within the FOSS Team:
Developer, Committer Eclipse Kuksa and Eclipse SDV Blueprints

"Collaborating on open-source software accelerates innovation and streamlines the process of developing complex software by enabling developers with diverse backgrounds to collaborate on the code directly."

Kai Hudalla

Job position:
Chief Expert Open Source

Function within the FOSS Team:
Community Management, Developing SDV Blueprints

"I love working in open communities with people outside of the corporate bubble."

Johannes Kristan

Job position:
Senior Expert Open Source

Function within the FOSS Team:
Developer, Co-Lead Eclipse Kuksa, SEA:ME Fellow

"Working collaboratively within free and open source software communities brings together like-minded people —from academia and various industries , who want to bring things forward and jointly shape great ideas into something tangible and useful everyone can benefit from. Working in such an environment is truly inspiring for me."

Daniel Pisanu

Job position:
Employer Branding & Developer Advocate

Function within the FOSS Team:
Developer employer advocacy and testimonials, ex developer, pushing for OSS mindset

"I see the corporate struggle where it could be so much greater allowing FOSS to be part of the DNA. For organizations and individuals alike. I want to change things into that direction."

Thomas Spreckley

Job position:
Technology Strategist

Function within the FOSS Team:
Community Management, Pushing for new open standards

"Being part of two different but complimenting open source groups gives me tremendous motivation to take on bigger challenges than would be possible within any single company. I am really passionate about "making a difference" in this industry and feel we need a healthy balance of collaborative standards and open implementations that will benefit all within the ecosystem and allow us to accelerate development and become more innovative and competitive."

The FOSSbassadors

Do you have question or want to join our initiatives – contact us!