Partnerships and partner networks are a key enabler for tomorrow’s automotive software.

ETAS becomes full-service solutions provider of the software-defined vehicle. A key to success for creating the software-defined vehicle is collaboration. Our ETAS partnerships will grow together to become holistic partnership networks. These partner networks address the transformation of the automotive industry together with manufacturers and suppliers in an innovative and conscientious manner. We, at ETAS, are teaming up with software and consulting companies, device manufacturers, service providers, and infrastructure partners. Furthermore, we want to leverage synergies and innovation through active participation in committees, associations, and research projects.


The partnership between our parent company Bosch and Microsoft takes place on various levels. At ETAS, we are working together with our colleagues from Microsoft on the development of "software-defined vehicles". The goal of this partnership is to simplify and enable the development and deployment of vehicle software throughout the lifecycle of a vehicle in accordance with quality standards.

The collaboration benefits from our deep understanding of electrical and electronic architectures, control units and vehicle computers required for over-the-air vehicle updates and Microsoft's expertise in software engineering and cloud computing. In the near future, we plan to work with Microsoft to extend existing developer tools that will enable automakers and suppliers to simplify their own software development, accelerate it and prepare for the future challenges of the automotive industry. ETAS, Bosch and Microsoft are the initiators of the Eclipse SDV Working Group, where many different technologies are being worked on in a large open-source community. Let us empower tomorrow's automotive software!


Together with our partner IAV, we are developing INCA-FLOW and INCA-RDE. INCA-FLOW is a pioneering solution for managed application and test automation for ECUs. INCA-RDE is an INCA add-on that enables real-time evaluation of Real Driving Emissions data during and after a test drive.

Our partnership is based on a long-standing, very trustful cooperation model, whereby we as ETAS are IAV's exclusive partner. The partnership results in a clear win-win situation for both partners, in which excellent mutual project and product management as well as very intensive communication at eye level are the core success factors.


As one of the leading management consulting firms in Germany, KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft has special expertise in the development of information security management systems including analysis, planning, conception, implementation and monitoring. The ETAS cybersecurity brand ESCRYPT has the required special knowledge in automotive security and a comprehensive portfolio of consultancy, software solutions and services for the protection of vehicles and fleets.

ESCRYPT together with KPMG, with their Product Security Organization Framework (PROOF), offer an extensive range of instruments for supporting OEMs and suppliers in the efficient implementation of upcoming cybersecurity requirements.

The partnership of ETAS and KPMG provides automotive companies with interdisciplinary consulting services in organizational, management, and process consulting for their cybersecurity management systems (CSMS). We have developed this service together as a joint offering with experts from different areas – tailored to the demand of our customers.

BlackBerry QNX

The collaboration with BlackBerry QNX strengthens joint leadership in the field of software-controlled vehicles, and serves as a catalyst for the automotive industry to build highly secure connected and autonomous vehicles.

The jointly developed software platform together with associated tools for vehicle computers and domain controllers based on the ETAS AUTOSAR Adaptive products combined with the BlackBerry QNX safety certified real-time operating system and Hypervisor, provides customers with a powerful and secure foundation for the development of microprocessor-based vehicle computers and domain controllers with support for the ISO 26262:2018 functional safety standard.

Business Partnerships and Collaborations

ETAS logo lauterbach


ETAS logo st


ETAS logo T security


Standardization Committees and Organizations

ETAS logo asam


Association for Standardisation of Automation and Measuring Systems

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ETAS logo autoisac


Automotive Infomation Sharing and Analysis Center

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ETAS logo autosar


Automotive Open System Architecture

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ETAS logo dke


Deutsche Kommission Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik

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ETAS logo eclipse


Eclipse Foundation

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ETAS logo eurobits


European Competence Center for Information Technology Security

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ETAS logo fisita


International network for automotive engineers

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ETAS logo jaspar


Japan Automotive Software Platform Architecture

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ETAS logo sae


Society of Automotive Engineers

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ETAS logo vda


Verband der Automobilindustrie

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Research Projects

ETAS logo ipcei cis


IPCEI Next Generation Cloud Infrastructure and Services

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ETAS logo save


Securing Automated Vehicles

ETAS logo c roads


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Completed project

ETAS logo fast

fast realtime

Realtime optimization for distributed sensor-actuator systems

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Completed project

ETAS logo floqi


Full Lifecycle Post-Quantum PKI

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Completed project

ETAS logo iuno


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Completed project

ETAS logo parsec


A parallel (PAR) reliable and secure (SEC) radio system for latency-optimized factory automation

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Completed project (until 2018)

ETAS logo secforcar


Security for connected automated cars

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Completed project