ETAS is the AUTOSAR partner for Safe4Rail-2

European project for safe, future-oriented railway applications

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The goal of the research project Safe4RAIL-2* funded by the Shift2Rail European rail initiative, is to develop a common platform for E/E architectures and wireless traffic networking (V2X) with high safety requirements for future trains.

Working together with the complementary project CONNECTA-2, Safe4RAIL-2 supports the development of railway demonstrators where next-generation E/E architectures and components for the Train Control & Monitoring System (TCMS) will be integrated. Furthermore, the project addresses how to run the TCMS functions in a simulated environment in order to minimize the need for expensive and time-consuming field tests.

Safe4RAIL-2 aims to reduce the complexity and cost of electronics and thus put European rail suppliers in the lead worldwide. Software prototypes will be developed by 2021 and integrated into railway demonstrators. ETAS, in cooperation with Bosch Engineering GmbH as a third-party, is contributing software architecture expertise and safety consulting as well as components of the RTA-VRTE (Vehicle Runtime Environment) Early Access Program, a ready-to-go AUTOSAR Adaptive development environment that works with POSIX operating systems.

The project is led by a European consortium of six industrial partners and two research institutions. ETAS supports the project partners in building AUTOSAR Adaptive competence. This expertise from other mobility areas is one of the key strengths in the project. Safe4RAIL-2 is financed entirely from EU funds.

”Safe4RAIL-2 is the future when it comes to interoperability in train systems,“ says Dr. Núria Mata, ETAS Project Leader. “We see a huge potential to improve railway applications and focus on efficient interconnections, standardized interfaces, and an enhanced safety level of distributed train systems and applications.”

* Safe4RAIL-2 means ”Safe architecture for Robust distributed Application  Integration in roLling stock 2“.

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Ricardo Alberti, Engineering RTA Solutions – Consulting at ETAS GmbH

Dr.-Ing. Núria Mata, Engineering RTA Solutions – Consulting at ETAS GmbH

Christoph Müller, Expert Safe Computing Architecture at Bosch Engineering GmbH

Dr.-Ing. Artem Rudskyy, Software and System Developer at Bosch Engineering GmbH

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