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The ETAS website has a brand new look

Laptop with new website

ETAS has been working hard on the new website – and on July 16, 2019 it finally went live! The new website is available in six languages and boasts more than 17,000 individual pages.

The website relaunch incorporated a comprehensive list of requirements stemming from the team’s multi-tiered approach to the project. The overarching goal was to give a brand new look to the old website, revise how the content is structured, and bring the content management system (backend) fully up to date. The result for users is a great surfing experience and simpler navigation. To achieve their goal, the team put a clear emphasis on design and technology aspects and on making the site easy to use.

The designers have completely revamped the website, taking the new corporate design, which ETAS rolled out in 2018, as their basis and orientation. In line with the principles of “Less is more” and “Content first,“ the team resisted the urge to fill all the available space with content. Instead, they have left plenty of breathing room and white space to create a clear and focused design.

The use of responsive web design on the new ETAS website ensures a seamless experience for everyone, irrespective of whether they are accessing the site from a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

We hope you enjoy exploring and surfing the new website and we look forward to your feedback!


Lisa Scheftschik is Online Marketing Manager Digital Communication at ETAS GmbH.

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