Virtual ECUs in the cloud

Promising combination of ETAS ISOLAR-EVE and COSYM

ISOLAR-EVE has enabled highly realistic ECU simulations on PCs for several years now. The latest version 3.3.1 adds the ability to execute virtual ECUs in the cloud, where they can be verified as a complete system, using the COSYM integration platform and a simulation of the vehicle communication network. This provides a significant benefit: in virtual test drives, complete systems including their network communication can be verified realistically at a very early stage without being dependent on specific hardware. This is true even when combining AUTOSAR­compliant software with non-AUTOSAR application code and is made possible through physical co-simulation of vehicle components and simultaneous ECU network simulation – in parallel, scalable, and efficient.

“Combining the new version of ISOLAR-EVE with COSYM opens up entirely new possibilities for distributed development of ECU networks,” says Dominik Feil, the product manager responsible for ISOLAR-EVE. “This new combination will help customers reach high levels of product maturity faster while reducing costs significantly.”


Jürgen Crepin is Senior Marketing Communications Manager at ETAS GmbH.

Virtualization is the key to overcoming challenges and ensuring effective project planning when the number of test kilometers is in the six to seven-digit range.
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