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University Sponsorships

Training and qualifying new recruits is a crucial component of the automotive development ecosystem. Connected systems are becoming increasingly complex as we move from one vehicle generation to the next – and that makes it more important than ever for students in the automotive sector to familiarize themselves with the use of new tools and methods from an early stage of their training.

That’s where we come in. We give universities the opportunity to acquire a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products and solutions under special terms. By taking advantage of this offer, teachers get access to established products that are typically used in the automotive industry. That means they can incorporate software development methods of the very highest standards in their classes, including measurement, calibration, and diagnostics. We also offer additional support to universities in the form of holistic automotive cybersecurity solutions.

In addition to providing specific products and solutions, we get actively involved on the teaching side through a range of collaborative projects. Furthermore, we have spent many years supporting teams in the Formula Student Germany international design competition as one of the event’s main sponsors. Together, these activities represent our contribution to promoting research and teaching and fostering students’ education.