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Testing Power Packs

Testing Power Packs

Testing Power Packs

Using the real-time capable, scalable, and powerful LABCAR for HiL testing of battery management systems


The high-voltage battery with its battery management system (BMS) comprises one of the key components in the electric powertrain. It influences a vehicle‘s range, performance, and ride comfort. Accordingly, a comprehensive system test is an indispensable prerequisite for the stable operation of a battery management system under any conceivable operating conditions. This is where HiL systems make an essential contribution, and it is also an area in which ETAS LABCAR ranks among the absolute top of test bench tools.


The testing of battery management systems (BMS) calls for comprehensive procedures, not all of which can be mapped with the aid of real-world batteries.

With its new battery model, the powerful LABCAR HiL system for BMS facilitates efficient testing at the cell and signal level.

LABCAR is the powerful tool for the reliable and comprehensive testing of battery management systems. LABCAR’s open architecture translates into investment protection over the long term.