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MDA Service Pack V7.1.10

MDA V7.1 Service Pack 10 (MDA V7.1.10)

This Service Pack supports the efficient usage of MDA.

MDA V7.1.10 is the Service Pack 10 for MDA V7.1.0, as base version.
It contains the latest bug fixes for MDA. The bug fixes have been thoroughly tested and guaranteed.

This Service Pack also introduces new features:

  • More user friendly filter options in Variable Selection Dialog
  • Improved Color Management for Point-of-Interest and Bookmarks
  • Integration of new predefined calculation formulas for INCA and MDA
  • Disable warning message when closing Manage Calculated Signals

What’s New in MDA V7.1 Service Pack 1 - Service Pack 10

Release Notes of MDA V7.1.10

ETAS GmbH accepts no further obligation in relation to this Service Pack.

Note: The password has been changed. Please contact the ETAS support to get the updated password.