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80 students experienced ETAS inside

80 students experienced ETAS inside
For the second time, ETAS invited sponsored Formula Student teams to Feuerbach to get to know the company.

ETAS sponsors a total of 18 Formula Student teams and provides them with hardware, software, and technical support. The resulting success of the teams speaks for itself: The ETAS-sponsored vehicles performed very well at this season’s competitions in Germany, Italy, and Austria. Last Wednesday, some of the teams presented the racing vehicles they built just outside the ETAS building in Stuttgart.

The day started with ETAS associates discussing their career start at the company. The students were mainly interested in the PreMaster program and in international internships. During the lunch break, many ETAS associates took the chance to get a taste of "Fascination Formula Student" by chatting with the teams, who talked about how they use ETAS tools to develop and test their race cars.The ins and outs of the team-built cars were a major source of curiosity.

In the afternoon, the students were given the task of building a bridge and a marble run out of old RealTimes magazines and tape. The results were presented to three judges, who already knew the teams from their judging at Formula Student Germany in Hockenheim. The students explained their design and construction and all fingers were crossed when a marble started its way through the marble run – some marbles made it to the end of the course.



More videos are available on our ETAS YouTube Channel.