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This release provides a new version of EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR (see download link to the right) with several improvements and new features to make ECU software documentation easier to use and understand.

New features and improvements at a glance:

  • With EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR V7.0, you can now export any model view to an image file, either in JPEG, PNG or BMP format. Through this, you can easily share model views with others, especially for larger model views where taking a screenshot does not capture all details.
  • We enhanced local search (F3) in interactive models to also search through the model hierarchies. The model viewer then guides you through the highlighting where the information you are looking for is contained. Through this, you can more easily and quickly find your measurement variables or calibration parameters.
  • Several usability improvements make it easier handle interactive models. You can now open interactive models and function overviews from the table of contents with a single click. Furthermore, there are new keyboard shortcuts to navigate in interactive models. For large model views, apply the new Fit-to-View to fit the diagram quickly into the available screen space.
  • When an A2L file is loaded, the label popup dialog now shows the Display Identifier as additional information.
  • EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR V7.0 now allows you to load more than 6 EHB Containers. This is especially useful in case you work with many small EHB Containers, for example, a set of independently developed ECU functions.


The EHANDBOOK demo allows the exploration of all features of EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR V7.0. It covers a small engine control system that can be run on an ETAS FlexECU system.

The demo package contains:

  • EHANDBOOK Containers for EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR V7.0, including interactive models for ASCET, Simulink and C-Code.
  • Corresponding A2L and HEX files for setting up an INCA experiment that can be connected to interactive models in the EHANDBOOK Container.