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ETAS ISOLAR-EVE – Virtual ECU for software development

ETAS ISOLAR-EVE (ETAS Virtual ECU) is a tool platform for effi cient PC-based development, validation, and verifi cation of embedded software. ISOLAR-EVE uses the AUTOSAR standard, by which fl exibility and open interfaces facilitate considerable improvements in productivity in many key development steps, such as:

  • Early validation of the application software at the AUTOSAR Virtual Function Bus level
  • Simple and fast unit testing of AUTOSAR software components including the Basic Software stack
  • ECU integration testing of application software and ECU services
  • ECU network integration testing with any combination of real and virtual ECUs, even with continuous integration throughout the entire development process

At a Glance

  • PC-based testing of embedded software by means of ECU virtualization
  • Includes MCAL (Microcontroller Abstraction Layer), OS (AUTOSAR operating system), and RTE (AUTOSAR Runtime-Environment) for the PC, based on production-proven embedded implementations of these components
  • Supports RTE (AUTOSAR Runtime Enviroment) and AUTOSAR-BSW (Basic software) implementations of various suppliers.
  • Connect the virtual ECU to tools for CAN bus simulation, such as CANoe or BUSMASTER
  • Automate testing, e.g. with Danlaw Mx-Suite or PikeTec TPT
  • Openness and flexibility by using standards, such as AUTOSAR, Artop, Eclipse, XCP, and A2L