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ES400, ES500, ES600, ES700, ES800, ES900, Lambda Measurement Modules

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AWS2, ES1135, ES410, ES411, ES413, ES415, ES420, ES421, ES430 / ES432, ES441, ES510, ES511, ES512, ES523, ES590 / ES591, ES592, ES593, ES595, ES600, ES610, ES620, ES63x, ES650, ES720, ES820, ES830, ES882, ES886, ES891, ES892, ES910, ES930


Manual / Technical Documentation


Safety advice on power cords

Power cord in two variants

ETAS supplemented the complete cable product range for the power supply of the modules.
Starting immediately, every power cord is available in two designs:

  • Power cord with standard banana plug (current design)
  • Power cord with safety banana plug (new design)

Please note that power cords with safety banana plug are suitable only for connection to voltage sources with safety socket.

To prevent an inadvertent insertion in power outlets, ETAS recommends to equip the power cords with safety banana plugs in areas with power outlets.