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ES582 Flyer

ES582 – USB CAN FD Bus Interface

The ES582.1 module is a dual-channel, compact and cost effective CAN FD interface. The module is a solution with flexible data rate support for connecting the PC or notebook to vehicle CAN (Controller Area Network) busses or the CAN port of individual electronic control units (ECU) on the vehicle.


At a Glance

  • Compact and cost-effective dual channel CAN FD bus interface for PC or notebook
  • Supports both ISO-conform and non-ISO-conform (CAN FD V1) Version of the CAN FD protocol
  • Y-cable for connecting two both CAN channels of the interface module included in the delivery
  • Simple and direct USB connection to the host PC via USB interface
  • Optimized for recording of measurement data, ECU calibration, diagnostics, and flash programming tasks
  • Fully integrated with INCA
  • Electrical isolation of CAN interface and host PC