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ES4440 Flyer

ES4440 Flyer

Flyer ES4440 – Compact Failure Simulation Module

The increasing deployment of diagnostic functions in ECU programs, driven by, e.g., the legislation for on-board diagnostics, is accompanied by the necessity to test these functions during development. Developers are looking for tools that allow them to create tests that can be easily reproduced, that allow for more automated testing, and that reduce the manual effort in general.

These requirements are covered by the ES4440. It offers a unique combination of high current and high voltage channels in one compact unit.

At a Glance

  • Real-time fault simulation
  • 64 high current and 16 high voltage channels
  • Simulation of loose contacts
  • API for customized system integration
  • Deployment for automated testing
  • CAN and Ethernet communication interfaces for simulation control
  • Fault Simulation with MOSFET and relay technology