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MDA V8.3 SP4.1

MDA V8.3 SP4.1

MDA V8.3 Service Pack 4.1 is the latest officially release of the product MDA V8. It represents the new generation Measure Data Analysis tool of ETAS, which combines high performance and good usability.

MDA V8 supports major use cases: namely files selection (mdf files, and several textual file formats), signal selection and assignment to instruments (e.g., to yt oscilloscope, scatter plot, and others), definition, and usage of calculated signals, import of configurations of INCA and MDA V7.x (*.xda), compatibility with former version (reuse of former MDA V8 configurations), export of measure data including subset of signals, selected time range and format conversion, applying a time offset for complete files and more.

MDA V8.3 SP4.1 replaces MDA V8.3.3 and MDA V8.3.4.
Compared to V8.3.4 the new release contains no functional changes, but one correction for a reported exception behavior.

The following major improvements are available with MDA V8.3.4:

  • Keyboard support for File Explorer, Calculated Signals, Configuration Manager and some global actions
  • Information about conversion type and formula of signals in the Information Window
  • Fixing of the defect that signal curves disappeared on deep zooming level in the oscilloscope
  • Oscilloscope improvements, like indication of reduced data, improved representation of enumeration axis, and others
  • Changed order of the license check when MDA V8 is started so that a pure MDA license is used preferably

For more details please see ‘What’s New’ slides.

MDA V8.3 can be connected to EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR V7.0 (or higher) for easier understanding of the recorded system behavior.  

All new functionality is presented in the What's New slides. A comprehensive functionality overview can be found in the respective slides and in more details within the MDA V8.3 Manual.

Note: MDA V8.3.x can be installed in parallel to and used independently from MDA V7.2.x.

What's New

Release Notes

Functionality Overview