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XiL testing for autonomous driving

XiL testing for autonomous driving

From advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to highly automated driving, electronic systems are designed to take some degree of control over a vehicle. But before they can be trusted to do that, they need to be rigorously tested. The goal is to verify that a vehicle’s software and hardware systems will interact perfectly with the constantly changing environment. This can only be accomplished on time and within budget by using a combination of virtual testing methods, data reuse, and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Jürgen Häring, Head of Product Management in Test and Validation, ETAS GmbH
Joachim Löchner, Field Application Engineer, ETAS GmbH
Thomas Schöpfner, Solution Manager for ADAS in the application field Measurement, Calibration, and Diagnostics, ETAS GmbH

HANSER automotive 1-2 / 2019