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A measure of experience

A measure of experience

Measurement and evaluation system for achieving desired levels of drivability

When people buy a car, they expect to get a carefully tuned driving experience that corresponds to their chosen brand. The problem is that test vehicles do not become available until late in the development process – and even then their numbers are strictly limited. As a result, calibration engineers often have to work under intense time pressure to tune the driving behavior of numerous different vehicle variants and models. Currently, they rely on their expertise and gut instincts to carry out this tuning process.

But now ETAS, in collaboration with IAV, has developed a measurement and evaluation system based on INCA-FLOW that allows engineers to tune even large numbers of vehicles with remarkable efficiency.


  • Uwe Heyder is Specialist in engine drivability at IAV GmbH in Berlin, Germany.
  • Dr. Felix Matthies is Specialist in transmission drivability at IAV GmbH in Braunschweig, Germany.
  • Rajesh Reddy is Product Manager for INCA-FLOW at ETAS GmbH.

Source: HANSER automotive 5/2019