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MDA V8.5.3 What's New Presentation Video

MDA V8.5.3 What’s New Presentation

In this video Matthias Gekeler, Product Manager of ETAS MDA, will demonstrate you the new features introduced in MDA V8.5.3.

Presented topics are:

  • 00:22 Minor adaptation of commando line tool ʺMdfCombine.exeʺ
  • 01:12 Correct display of signal curves across area without samples
  • 03:42 Usability improvements for the oscilloscope
  • 04:33 Enhancements for the Export functionality
  • 07:09 Calc. Signals: new function Look-up table Curve (constant interpolation)
  • 10:03 Support of Bus Trace files (*.BLF)



More videos are available on our ETAS YouTube Channel.


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