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ASCET-DEVELOPER 7.6.0 Getting Started

ASCET-DEVELOPER 7.6.0 Getting Started

ETAS ASCET-DEVELOPER 7.6 is a development tool to help you build object-based, real-time, high-performance, low-overhead, ultra-portable, safe and secure software for embedded hardware.

ASCET-DEVELOPER 7.6 lets you build programs using graphical and textual notations and uses advanced, proven-in-use, code generation technology to automatically turn the model into C code. The code generator handles important but tedious jobs that you normally need to worry about when writing C code, for example under and overflow, division by zero, array boundary violations, etc. so you can concentrate on the important job of getting your job done while letting ASCET-DEVELOPER 7.6 handle the details.


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    PDF · 1.5 MB · 12/18/2020