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MDA V8.6.3

MDA V8.6.3

MDA V8.6.3 is the latest release of MDA V8 product line and replaces MDA V8.6.2 HF1. The following improvements are available with MDA V8.6.3:

  • Quick and comfortable way to define a signal time offset
  • New table instrument to display Battery Imbalance values
  • Option to add an index (counter) column to the data section of textual file formats
  • Adapted MRF.ini file to create with MDA V8 MRF files which are more similar to MDA V7

For more details about the new functionalities see the ‘What’s New’ slides. The 'Release Notes' include information about prerequisites, limitations and more.

A brief summary of the capabilities of MDA V8 in general (based on MDA V8.6.0) is given in the presentation ‘Functionality Overview’, and in more details in the MDA V8 Manual.


  • MDA V8.6.3 can be installed in parallel to and used independently from MDA V8.5.x.