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ES650 Flyer

ES650 – Thermo and A/D Module of the Compact Device Family

Functions at a Glance:

  • 16 electrically isolated measuring channels for analog voltages
  • Measuring channels electrically isolated from the supply voltage
  • Adjustable acquisition rate per channel
  • Parameterized software filter for signal smoothing
  • High measuring accuracy through 16 Bit (A/D) or 21 Bit (thermal) resolution
  • Two selectable measuring ranges of ±10 V and ±60 V
  • Automotive measuring range of -210 °C to 1372 °C (-346 °F to 2502 °F)
  • Data transfer to PC or ES600 via Ethernet
  • Rugged, functional metal housing
  • Member of the ETAS Tool Family – supported by INCA
  • Calibration service