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General Motors Relies on ETAS Measurement Modules

General Motors Relies on ETAS Measurement Modules

RealTimes 1.2008:

General Motors Relies on ETAS Measurement Modules
Winter trials, development, and validation with ETAS tools

US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) government regulations require that vehicles must meet specific safety requirements. With the passing of the latest safety standard, FMVSS 126 (Electronic Stability Control Systems), OEMs are obligated to perform extensive testing, and to capture and record vehicle test data.

GM needed to find a rugged, commercially off-the-shelf system for measuring pressure and temperature along with ECU data and GPS information for chassis validation testing during winter trials.

ETAS ES400 small, robust measurement modules provide for fast instrumentation setup and keep the test vehicle clean and neat. The ES400 modules can be placed in remote locations in the vehicle.

GM successfully deployed the ES400 measurement modules for summer, winter, and on-site chassis and tire testing and validation.