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Mechatronics Enters Vibration Insulation Field

Mechatronics Enters Vibration Insulation Field

RealTimes 1.2008:

Mechatronics Enters Vibration Insulation Field
Paulstra implements closed-loop control using ETAS tools to improve vibration insulation in car bodies

Automobile customers increasingly demand more acoustical comfort in cars. This demand translates into a challenge for development engineers who have to find innovative methods to control noise and reduce the vibro-acoustic exposure of drivers and passengers. As much functionality in modern cars is implemented by means of electronic control, Paulstra developers used electronic means to achieve active noise reduction. Paulstra is a Hutchinson brand and the company’s developers built on their well-established know-how of vibration and acoustic insulation and extended their expertise to ECU development. They achieved their goal to provide an off-the-shelf product for the automotive industry that made active vibration and acoustic control a reality. Paulstra developers chose the entire ETAS product range to meet this challenge.