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ETAS’ AUTOSAR-OS and -RTE Reach Maturity

ETAS’ AUTOSAR-OS and -RTE Reach Maturity

RealTimes 1.2009:

ETAS’ AUTOSAR-OS and -RTE Reach Maturity
AUTOSAR R3.0 based on established RTA products

ETAS has been involved for many years in the production of operating systems (OS) for the automotive industry that are currently used in over 350 million ECUs on the road worldwide. Based on this experience ETAS is now committed to supporting their customers as they move towards an AUTOSAR ECU software architecture by supplying the key AUTOSAR-OS and -RTE (Runtime Environment) modules to the market. Members of the engineering team that developed the successful operating systems have been involved in the AUTOSAR-OS and -RTE working groups since they were first formed. As early as 2006, the ETAS RTE generator has been receiving positive feedback from lead customers. This considerable experience in automotive embedded OS and RTE development has been used to develop the robust production quality OS and RTE generators, RTA-OS and RTA-RTE.