ETAS ASCET-DEVELOPER (also known as ASCET 7) is a tool for developing application software for embedded systems using graphical models and textual programming notations. ASCET-DEVELOPER Code Generator translates function models into highly efficient and safe embedded C-Code for AUTOSAR and non-AUTOSAR applications.

Develop safe and efficient embedded software faster

ASCET-DEVELOPER has been specifically designed to address the software development challenges of industries where products must be manufactured in high volumes, at low cost, to industry standards and with zero defects.

ASCET-DEVELOPER enables software engineers to build high-performance, low-overhead, easily maintainable, safe, and secure embedded software. The high level of automation allows efficient and safe working.

The ASCET-DEVELOPER IDE (Integrated Development Environment) showing graphical and textual models, model browser and tabular editors allows efficient working.



  • ISO26262 and IEC61508 TÜV-certified code generation
  • Automatic introduction of defensive code
  • MISRA-C:2012 compliance

Proven in use

  • 450+ million ECUs on the road powered by ASCET generated code
  • Used for brake-systems (like ABS, ESP), Powertrain, Transmission, Driver assistance, Battery management
  • For road and railway applications


Multiple notations for specification:

  • ESDL textual editor
  • Block diagram editor
  • State machine editor
  • C-code editor

Fast and efficient

  • On-the-fly static analysis for immediate feedback
  • Faster code generation time


  • Leverage the power of the Eclipse eco-system: MyLyn, Git, SVN, Gerrit, CDT, …
  • Extensible for your custom needs

Multiple options for testing

  • Unit testing
  • Open-loop simulation on PC
  • Closed-loop simulation
    • Export as FMU for FMI
    • Export as S-Functions for ML/SL
  • Rapid Prototyping

Embedded Software Development Language (ESDL)

  • Object-oriented encapsulation
  • Easy to understand syntax and semantics
  • Type safety
  • Abstract data type