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Use the editors of your choice

ASCET-DEVELOPER allows you to easily combine texts and graphics suiting your programming needs. There are different possibilities for modeling your logic, enabling you to work as efficiently as you like. You have four choices of specification.

Block Diagram Editor​

Block Diagram Editor​

  • Ideal for modeling and visualizing data and control flow​
  • Fully deterministic execution order via explicit sequencing of calculations

State Machine Editor​

State Machine Editor​

  • Program and visualize decision logic based on finite state machine notations
  • Actions and conditions can be written directly as ESDL or encapsulated in a separate method programmed in Block Diagram Editor​

ESDL Editor​

ESDL Editor

  • ESDL stands for Embedded Software Description Language and captures the semantics of ASCET Model. This can be programmed using the graphical editors mentioned before or directly in text.​
  • This editor is Ideal for code which is more suitable for text-based implementation (like loops)​.

C Code Editor​

C Code Editor

  1. Use the familiar ESDL interface to define your model
  2. Specify the models’ behavior using the full capacity of the C language
  3. Your C code model can be conveniently reused across different models, promoting consistency and saving valuable development time

Reasons for less bugs: Safe modeling language

ASCET is crafted for effortless and safe embedded programming. It incorporates features such as an object-oriented programming, intention-based argument handling, safe loops, semantic units, state machine, lookup tables, static analysis and various other tools. These elements work together to simplify and elevate the overall programming experience in embedded systems.



  • Master your software complexity by using the classes as structuring concept. 
  • Bring proven benefits object-based encapsulation and systematic reuse to your embedded project.

Type System

Type System

  • Maximize productivity by tapping into ASCET's capability to seamlessly reusing software properties
  • ASCET transforms complexity into clarity, allowing you to visually represent software properties for easy comprehension
  • Automatically generate high-quality code and save time on manual coding efforts

Semantical Units

Semantical Units

  • ASCET allows you to define units and relationships within your models effortlessly
  • Enhance your models with units naturally, as ASCET intuitively understands and integrates units without the need for manual conversion efforts
  • ASCET takes care of the heavy lifting by automatically detecting units and seamlessly converting them into the generated code, streamlining your modeling process

Live Validation

Live Validation

  • Find hidden problems earlier​
  • Built-in live static analysis checks for:​ Type compatibility, incompatible units, side effect, Missing read or write,  unreachable code and much more …​


ASCET-DEVELOPER provides different possibilities for testing your models efficiently and holistically, in terms of various development cycle stages:

  • Separation of model and representation properties allows for easy testing with focus on physical behavior first and for testing with more target specific constraints later in the process
  • Built-in unit testing framework
  • Open-loop PC simulation using ETAS Experiment Environment
  • Model coverage and analysis from test execution with metrics such as statement, branch, state, transition, and Modified Condition Decision (MC/DC) coverage
  • ASCET-DEVELOPER models can be simulated together with models in external tools supporting FMI standard. The connection is made via FMU Export or in MATLAB/Simulink via s-function transfer
  • Function prototyping on real-time hardware using ETAS prototyping solution enables early, realistic validation on the test bench or in the vehicle
  • ASCET-DEVELOPER models can be tested systematically using third-party-tool TPT with their native ASCET Platform Support

Unit Test

Unit Test

  • Systematic testing of software units using ESDL Unit Testing framework
  • Use ESDL test classes to test independent software units and visualize results after execution

PC Simulation

PC Simulation

  • Early design validation using PC Simulation with live measurement and calibration of data
  • Sophisticated experiment environment with signal generator, data loggers, and widgets

Test Coverage


  • Interactive test coverage from running PC Simulation or Unit Test execution
  • The Coverage view summarizes the test coverage for all software units under execution
  • Visualize coverage in text or graphic editors to see which parts of the model have been tested

Automatic code generation

Writing code manually needs additional effort to prevent runtime errors and make it compliant to standards and coding guidelines. With ASCET-DEVELOPER you only need to focus on solving the problem, the rest is done by the code generator. It is characterized by the following features:

  • High-quality production MISRA-compliant C code
  • Great code readability for users
  • Traceability to your ASCET-DEVELOPER model
  • Automatic insertion of defensive code. Examples include protected division by zero, saturated limits based on type properties and index overflow protection for array types
  • Fixed-point code generation
  • AUTOSAR code generation via mapping ASCET-DEVELOPER model to AUTOSAR structure
  • Quick reuse of existing ASCET-DEVELOPER models and generation of code for different targets via customization options
    • Custom callbacks to device-specific arithmetic, interpolation, or service libraries
    • Memory directive for compiler
    • Conditional code and data structures which can be resolved at compile or generation time
    • Numerous optimization strategies for resources and runtime performance


Edit and attach documentation to any model seamlessly. ​

  •  Write documentation in your preferred format (doc, md, tex, adoc, etc.).​
  •  Customize templates with user-defined configurations.​
  •  Leverage the EHANDBOOK Container-Build to generate interactive software documentation.​

Built on eclipse​

Built on the Eclipse platform, our system facilitates seamless integration with a multitude of existing plugins that enhance the capabilities of the Eclipse® IDE. Take advantage of well-known source control extensions, such as Git, Subversion, or other commercial providers, to enhance version control.​

Unlock professional features that optimize your workflows, including streamlined navigation, efficient refactoring, auto-completion, powerful search capabilities, and task management tools. Our platform also includes built-in editors for a comprehensive range of file formats, ensuring flexibility and ease of use for all your projects.​

Model compare​

Explore the Model Compare feature in ASCET, offering a comprehensive analysis of your models with the following benefits and functionalities:​

  1. Effortlessly compare graphical and properties editors to identify changes in your models. The Difference Tree feature provides a clear breakdown, explaining each modification in detail.
  2. Tailor your comparison with the flexibility to apply filters, minimizing noise from cosmetic changes. Whether it's an individual file, folder, or entire projects, ASCET allows you to compare with precision.

Certified for safety critical development​

Suitable for safety-critical software development

ASCET-DEVELOPER allows you to develop software that complies with all important safety standards.

  • ISO26262 ASIL-D and IEC61508-SIL3 TÜV-certified code generation
  • MISRA-C:2012 compliance
  • Elimination of numerical problems by automatic insertion of defensive code