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Authoring and diagnostic solutions

Shaping the next level of vehicle health

The industry’s move toward the software-defined vehicle and vehicle computers will transform how vehicles are tested and programmed during manufacturing and how and when vehicles are going to be diagnosed, maintained, and repaired. Connectivity and strong onboard computing power allow health monitoring during operation, putting more focus on information distribution and interpretation and thus also a shift into the cloud.

We at ETAS provide integrated authoring & diagnostic solutions with relevant repair and service data for manufacturing and workshops: connected cross-lifecycle diagnostics with automated content generation ready to go.

Value creation along the vehicle lifecycle

Intelligent services based on connected data from the vehicle and the mobility cloud platform support a wide range of value creation opportunities for vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators, and mobility providers along the vehicle lifecycle. There are three keys to outstanding and efficient vehicle health service:

  • Manufacturing diagnostics to have vehicles configured, flashed, and tested efficiently, to reduce tech time, and ensure that only vehicles individually configured and end-of-line tested leave the factory.
  • Vehicle diagnostics to constantly monitor vehicle health, enable precise and reliable troubleshooting, reduce downtime, and even predict failure probabilities.
  • Vehicle Information solutions to have all the documentation needed for service and maintenance available from day one to anyone who needs it.

We provide all three of these key elements in one integrated solution to ensure that the service of our customers exceeds all expectations.

Manufacturing diagnostics

Vehicle technology continues to advance at an ever faster rate, while pressure on automotive manufacturing to reduce vehicle-configuration and test times is increasing. At ETAS, we are helping OEMs meet this challenge, working closely with them on their production lines and providing them with relevant configuration, test, repair, and service information for manufacturing.

We provide our customers with authoring, hardware, and software solutions that enable them to integrate flash and configuration, test, repair, and health validation into their development and manufacturing process. Thus, we are helping automotive OEMs shape the next level of vehicle manufacturing and produce vehicles with flawless functionality and quality while maximizing production output.

Vehicle diagnostics

ETAS provides modular vehicle diagnostic software solutions that enable automotive OEMs to continuously monitor vehicle health as well as perform precise troubleshooting and cloud-based predictive maintenance for the entire fleet.

The GRADE-X® suite of products brings efficiency in content development, management, reuse, and distribution to a new level. It enables automotive OEMs to manufacture, service, and repair vehicles using common data across the whole vehicle lifecycle. It also provides workshop technicians a state-of-the-art solution to author diagnostics content, troubleshoot, and provide the optimal repair solutions.

Vehicle information solutions

At ETAS, we provide integrated authoring services and software solutions to OEMs for repair, service information, and on-board documentation for manufacturing, workshops, and end users. Available from day one to anyone who needs it.

Our software solutions for authoring, information management, and automated content generation enable OEMs to significantly improve efficiency and quality in the synthesis process and in the provision of vehicle information. As a result, technicians in the workshop can pursue their daily activities with maximum efficiency: they are offered exactly the relevant information they need via the medium of their choice. Finally, smart information management helps the vehicle's driver discover the vehicle's functions and possibilities and observe the safety instructions seamlessly integrated during vehicle use.