CPU interface

Supported processors Infineon Aurix Family (TC2xx and TC3xx)
For a complete list of supported microprocessors, please refer to the product's user's guide.
Configuration Project-specific configuration for memory configurations stored in EEPROM


Dimensions (HxWxD) 8.7 x 38 x 33.5 mm / 0.352 x 1.496 x 1.318 in

Power supply

Input voltage 6.6 V to 36 V
Cranking voltage < 3 sec: 3V
Input current at 12 V Approx. 135 mA normal operation
Approx. 40 mA normal stand-by

Memory emulation

Emulation memory Processor specific
Measured data memory Processor specific

Host interface

Serial interface 100 Mbit/s
Double shielded line, max. 30 m/100 ft
Electrically isolated

Operation temperature

Temperature range -40 °C to +110 °C / -40 °F to +230 °F

This product has been developed and released for use in automotive applications. For usage in other domains please contact your ETAS representative.

Ordering Information

1 – ECU Connection
2 – Automotive Ethernet Connection
3 – Automotive Ethernet Connection
4 – Media Converter (PC Connection)
5 – Media Converter (ES523, ES59x, ES600, ES89x, ES910 Connection)
6 – Ethernet Connection with ES88x

Order Name Short Name Order Number
BR_XETK-S3.0A Emulator Probe for the Infineon AURIX microprocessor family, including gap pad BR_XETK‑S3.0A F‑00K‑110‑751 F00K110751 F-00K-110-751
Optional Accessories for BR_XETK-S3.0
1 – ECU Connection
ETAM2 ETK ECU Adapter, MOLEX - open wires (6fc - 6c), 0m25 ETAM2 F‑00K‑109‑306 F00K109306 F-00K-109-306
ETAM5 FETK ECU Adapter, MOLEX - MOLEX (6fc - 5fc+1c), 0m136 ETAM5 F‑00K‑110‑101 F00K110101 F-00K-110-101
ETAM8A BR_XETK-S3/S4 ECU Adapter, FCI - SAMTEC SFM (20c - 10fc), 0m11 ETAM8A F‑00K‑110‑754 F00K110754 F-00K-110-754
2 – Automotive Ethernet Connection
ETABR1 Automotive Ethernet interface cable, MOLEX à open wires (ECU), 0,3m (2fc - 2c) Single wires which need to be twisted while mounting ETABR1 F‑00K‑109‑771 F00K109771 F-00K-109-771
ETABR2 Automotive Ethernet interface cable, MOLEX à MOLEX (ECU), 0,17m (2fc - 2c) ETABR2 F‑00K‑111‑118 F00K111118 F-00K-111-118
ETABR3 Automotive Ethernet Interface Cable, MOLEX – open wire (2fc-2c), 0m33 ETABR3 F‑00K‑111‑964 F00K111964 F-00K-111-964
CBAM290 Automotive Ethernet interface cable, pre-assembled into M10 screwing, shield on ECU-Housing MOLEX à Lemo, 0,60m (2fc - 2c) CBAM290.1‑0m6 F‑00K‑111‑117 F00K111117 F-00K-111-117
BR_XETK ECU Adapter and Power Supply Cable, pre-assembled into M12 screwing, shield on ECU housing, Lemo 1B PHA - MOLEX (2fc-2fc) / Lemo 1B PHG – open wire (2fc-1c), 0m6 CBAM295.1‑0m6 F‑00K‑111‑656 F00K111656 F-00K-111-656
BR_XETK ECU Adapter and Power Supply Cable, pre-assembled into M12 screwing, shield on ECU housing, Lemo 1B PHA - MOLEX (2fc-2fc) / Lemo 1B PHG – open wire (2fc-1c), 1m8 CBAM295.1‑1m8 F‑00K‑111‑657 F00K111657 F-00K-111-657
3 – Automotive Ethernet Connection
Open Alliance BroadR-Reach extension cable, DSUB - open wires plus banana connector (9mc-4c), 3m AS_CBEB1105.1‑3m0 F‑00K‑109‑931 F00K109931 F-00K-109-931
4 – Media Converter (PC Connection)
Media Converter Cable, DSUB - RJ45 (9mc-8mc), 1m CBEB100.1‑1m0 F‑00K‑110‑094 F00K110094 F-00K-110-094
5 – Media Converter (ES523, ES59x, ES600, ES89x, ES910 Connection) [1]
ES165.1 Media Converter (1xAE) with Lemo connector ES165.1 F‑00K‑112‑184 F00K112184 F-00K-112-184
6 – Ethernet Connection to ES88x
Automotive Ethernet Splitter Cable 100 Mbit/s, Yamaichi YCP - 4x DSUB (8mc - 4x 9mc), 0m4 CBEB242.1‑0m4 F‑00K‑111‑123 F00K111123 F-00K-111-123
Mechanical Accessories
Gap pad as spare part for BR_XETK-S3/S4 BR_XETK‑S3_GP F‑00K‑110‑752 F00K110752 F-00K-110-752
Mounting bracket for BR_XETK-S3/S4 BR_XETK‑S3_MB F‑00K‑110‑753 F00K110753 F-00K-110-753

[1] You can find the suitable adapter cable for the Media Converter to your BR_XETK on the ES16x Ordering Information page.

Note: This list contains only a selection of available adapters. A comprehensive overview is available in the User Guide of each ETK.