CBN40x – Isolating Measurement Probes

Electric motors of hybrid and electric vehicles provide high engine powers. They are operated at voltages of approximately 600 V and powered by a strong traction battery. When handling voltages in this range, special measures have to be taken to protect the users. For this purpose, ETAS has developed the measurement cables CBN400 and CBN401 for the measurement modules ES411, ES415, and ES441. Four isolating, compact probes have been integrated into the cables, which are connected with short lines to the measuring points.

Functions at a Glance

  • Compact isolating probes for measuring voltages on high-voltage electrical systems of hybrid or electric vehicles
  • High level of safety due to electrical isolation near the measuring point
  • Electrical isolation from high-voltage on-board power supply up to a potential difference of 840 V
  • Probe model with 840 V range for measuring electrical system voltages
  • Probe model with 10 V range for measuring battery cell voltages
  • Use in combination with ES411, ES415, and ES441 measurement modules
  • Time-synchronous recording of ECU signals and other measurement data from the vehicle environment