Ordering Information

Order Name Short Name Order Number
Sensor supply conditioning Cable providing bipolar sensor supply voltage, 4 Channel, Souriau - 4xMolex 51191-004, 2m CBN422.2‑2 F‑00K‑107‑566 F00K107566 F-00K-107-566
Recommended Measurement Modules
A/D Module with Sensor Supply (4-CH) ES411.1 F‑00K‑104‑485 F00K104485 F-00K-104-485
A/D Module with Sensor Supply, 100 kHz sampling rate (4-CH) ES415.1 F‑00K‑107‑908 F00K107908 F-00K-107-908
Counter and Frequency Module with Sensor Supply (4-CH) ES441.1 F‑00K‑105‑785 F00K105785 F-00K-105-785