CBN42x – Current Transducer Connection Cables

In electric and hybrid vehicles, the drive components are operated at high voltage for efficiency reasons. During the calibration phase, voltages and currents are measured to validate the system. The high voltage level requires safe measurement conditions, for example by using open loop Hall effect transducers with electrical isolation between the primary circuit (drive circuit) and the secondary circuit (measurement circuit).

With the CBN42x products, ETAS offers current transducer connection cables with 4 channels designed for direct connection to ES4xx micro measurement modules. They can be used with the ES411 and ES415 A/D modules, as well as with the ES441 Counter and Frequency Measurement Module. The CBN422 variant is equipped with a Molex connector fitting directly to LEM current transducers such as LEM HTF 500-SB.

Functions at a Glance

  • Current measurements with open loop Hall effect current transducers
  • Integrated bipolar transducer power supply