ES400 – Measurement Modules

Equally at home in the engine compartment (or elsewhere in the vehicle) and at the test bench, the modules of the ES400 product family are designed for installation close to sensors. This minimizes signal distortion that might occur due to long cable runs. The compact module size enables installation even in small areas. The modules are interconnected via Ethernet cables with just one cable connecting the module system to the PC, all of which essentially simplifies setup in a test vehicle or at a test bench.

The rugged module housings and connectors (IP67) are water- and dustproof withstanding acceleration and impact, e.g. from flying rocks. The modules feature a working temperature range of between -40 °C and +120 °C (-40 °F and +248 °F).

Thanks to low temperature coefficients and the electrical isolation of individual measurement and data transfer channels, measurement readings are largely independent of ambient temperature and ground loops.

Why do you need ES400 modules?

In both test bench and road testing, engineers use a multitude of sensors to perform measurements. The ES400 Product Family provides for a scalable daisy chained measurement set-up. This essentially simplifies the installation and interconnection of multiple measuring devices in a test vehicles and at the test benches because 

  • the small and rugged ES400 modules can be mounted close to sensors under the hood
  • a smart cabling concept makes setup quick and easy and provides for
  • damage-free keyhole instrumentation of test vehicles.

The ES400 Product Family uses ETAS technology for real time Ethernet data transfer at high rates. The use of an open protocol (XCP) enables the integration of ES400 modules with third party applications, e.g., MM6 (Robert Bosch Chassis Systems Control), DEWESoft (DEWETRON), PROVEtech:VA (MBtech Group), and CANape (Vector). A C-based library is available for integration into software applications that don‘t provide any XCP-on-Ethernet driver functionality. The ES400 series provides optimum support for measurement, calibration, rapid prototyping and test applications.

Current Members of the ES400 Product Family:

ES410 – A/D Module
ES411 – A/D Module with Sensor Supply
ES413 – Eco A/D Module with Sensor Supply
ES415 – High Definition A/D Module with Sensor Supply
ES420 Thermo Module
ES421 – Eco Thermo Module
ES430 / ES432 – Lambda Modules
ES441 – Counter and Frequency Module with Sensor Supply

ES4xx – Products