ES600 – Measurement Modules

The compact ES600 measurement modules are used to acquire temperature and voltage signals with a PC or drive recorder. Measurement modules of the ES600 family are either operated as standalones or in any desired combination.

A cluster of up to six measurement modules can be connected to one ES600 Network Module. Up to six of these clusters can be combined and synchronized with the use of a seventh ES600 Network Module. Furthermore, the ES600 Network Module supplies power to each of the connected measuring devices with the modules being powered up sequentially.

Functions at a Glance

  • Decentral scalable measurement system
  • Compact Ethernet measurement modules suited for in-vehicle use
  • Hardware-based time synchronization
  • Easy configuration with INCA
  • Low temperature coefficient
  • Separate A/D converter per measurement channel
  • Electrically isolated channels
  • Power management

ES600 Measurement Modules supply the user with reliable measurements showing accurate values as well as time stamps that do not drift and are synchronized with each other. The ES600 measurement modules are deployed onboard the vehicle or on the test bench.  ES600 measurement channels behave exactly the same, regardless whether they are operated as a standalone module or as part of an ES600 measurement cluster.

The modules are therefore perfectly suited to applications requiring a scalable number of synchronized measurement channels. The decentralized topology permits the measuring modules to be grouped into separate clusters within the vehicle in a simple and intuitive manner. For example, one ES600 measurement cluster can be placed in the trunk while another one resides in a vehicle‘s cabin floor area. The decentralized star topology tolerates the failure of a module and offers easy maintenance of the modules mounted in a vehicle‘s trunk or passenger compartment. Via their Ethernet interface, ES600 measurement clusters transfer high volumes of measurement data. In a test configuration, the data transfer rate between an ES600 cluster consisting of 64 measurement modules and the INCA host PC was clocked at 1.2 million measured values per second.

Members of the ES600 Product Family

Hardware Component Measurement Channels
ES600 – Network Module Connects 6 Ethernet modules to one Ethernet link
ES610 – A/D Module 16 x Differential voltage
ES620 – Thermo Module 16 x Universal thermocouple inputs
ES630 / ES635 – Lambda Module 1x Lambda probe
ES631 / ES636 – Lambda Module 2x Lambda probe
ES650 – Thermo and A/D Module 8 x Universal thermocouple inputs,
8 x Differential voltage