Lambda Modules

The ES43x and ES63x lambda measurement modules facilitate the acquisition of the characteristic mixture formation variables of oxygen content, air/fuel ratio, and lambda (λ). The modules are connected to Bosch LSU wideband lambda probes, which are installed in the exhaust system as a measurement sensor.

Automotive vehicle and engine development deploys wideband lambda probes in conjunction with precision lambda oxygen measuring devices for testing and calibrating. The lambda measurements obtained in this manner become the basis for calibrating the lambda values of engine control units. The devices are able to monitor lambda values greater or smaller than one in a wide measurement range. They are suited for the development and testing of lambda controls of diesel engines and of lean concepts for gasoline and gas engines.

The ES430 and ES432 Lambda Modules are capable of withstanding the environmental conditions which are typical for exhaust system installations.

The single and dual-channel ES63x Lambda Modules can be used either standalone or as a measuring device in a calibration environment. Data acquisition of ES630/ES631 Lambda Modules is synchronized with ES400 and ES600 measurement modules. 

The smart lambda sensor cables in the CBS10x product family help regulate and control combustion and oxidization processes for example in heating systems, furnaces and industrial equipment fitted with Bosch LSU 4.9 broadband lambda sensors.

For over a decade, ETAS has been offering lambda meters for Bosch-manufactured LSU wideband lambda sensors. The lambda reference instruments are standard parts of the measuring instrumentation for test bench and in-car testing.

Functions at a Glance

  • Measurement of oxygen content in the exhaust gas
  • Support of Bosch LSU wideband lambda probes and NTK ZFAS®-U2
  • Modules can be used standalone