COSYM – Co-simulation platform

COSYM (CO-simulation of SYsteMs) is the powerful simulation and integration platform from ETAS. It makes it possible to test and validate software in the early phase of its development, when readying it for deployment in production (virtual ECU), and when implementing it in the real ECU. The platform also allows physical models (plant models) to be integrated and simulated in order to enable closed-loop testing. COSYM supports all stages of ECU software development and works on a wide variety of platforms.


COSYM simulates automotive bus systems on the level of real bus communication, the frame level.
  • MiL, SiL, and HiL consistency
    • Same graphical user interface
    • Transfer of HiL tests to the simulation
    • Reuse of plant models and tests
  • Switching from virtual systems (MiL/SiL) on desktop PCs to real-time systems (HiL) and vice versa
  • Integration of function models and plant models from a broad array of modeling tools
  • Straightforward integration in existing development environments through a complete API in order to implement specific use cases, e.g. the deployment in a continuous-integration process
  • Integration and combination of discrete-time and continuous-time systems
  • Support for early validation of new functions in a real scenario
  • Openness: support for specific standards, such as the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) and ASAM XiL