COSYM V2 – Releases

COSYM (CO-simulation of SYsteMs) is the powerful simulation and integration platform from ETAS. It is providing a state-of-the-art approach for MiL/ SiL and HiL use cases. We are constantly working to improve your COSYM experience. By providing quarterly updates, we are able to provide improvements in frequent and short cycles. On this page we give you an overview of our updates as they are available for you.

COSYM 2.4.0

This latest release of the COSYM software introduces several new concepts and features and is shipped with an extended user interface. The highlights can be found below and in the release notes.

For HiL this version is supported by the latest RTPC release 6.5.0.

Highlights from COSYM 2.4.0 are the following

  • Improvements on COSYM SiL headless mode with re-structured REST APIs
  • ASAM XiL MA Port extensions for SiL by enabling breakpoints, capturers and watchers
  • Enabled LIN Support and enabled AETH Support for SiL virtual networks to connect vECUs and C-Code models (restbus support is not yet available)
  • Enabled logging feature and enabled bus manipulation for CAN traffic via COSYM-CAR configuration
  • Show Monitored and Subscriber ECU Power ON/Power Off test functionality with Network Module
  • Enabled Incremental Automapping of processes in the system settings
  • Support of new EB drivers 4.19 for HiL
  • RTPC update to Debian 10 with GCC Compiler V8.3
  • EE 64-bit support to enable INCA V7.3 compatibility
  • Oscilloscope support for SiL use case
  • Performance improvements in Connections UI
  • Maps and Curves support for MATLAB/Simulink and FMUs with INCA in SiL
  • Enabled ASCMO-MOCA use case with COSYM SiL

COSYM V2.4.0 is compatible with

  • INCA V7.3.4 for the HiL and SiL use case to enable simulation-based calibration.
  • ASCMO-MOCA for calibration in the SiL use case. Versions 5.5 and higher are supported.
  • MATLAB® from version 2016a – 2020a for integrating Simulink® models, as well as for co-simulation with Simulink®.