High-performance automotive Ethernet/IP firewall and router


Automotive Ethernet is on the rise. But an Ethernet-based E/E architecture calls for particularly powerful security functions. That’s why automotive firewalls will play a key role in monitoring and controlling electrical system communications in the future.

ESCRYPT CycurGATE automotive firewall offers protection against denial-of-service attacks and enforces permitted Ethernet communication throughout the domain structure.

Watch the webinar recording 'How to secure automotive Ethernet with a firewall solution', in which we introduce  the development of Ethernet architecture, and show you how ESCRYPT CycurGATE ensures the vehicle cybersecurity in typical use cases.

Perfectly balanced hardware-software co-design

ESCRYPT CycurGATE is integrated directly into the Ethernet switch, where the entire packet flow is monitored and managed centrally – with no resulting interference with the host controller or ECUs. The firewall can be used on the switch either as a library or as a stand-alone solution.

Thanks to well-balanced hardware/software co-design, the firewall solution makes the most of the hardware acceleration on the switch. The switch hardware and software are algorithmically so interwoven that the firewall can process the vast majority of data packets at wire speed.

Security right in the switch

  • Multiple use cases
    Works equally well with central or distributed implementation (central firewall vs. distributed firewall).
  • Comprehensive
    Enforces the domain structure on all levels of the Ethernet and IP stack: packet filter, stateful packet inspection (SPI), deep packet inspection (DPI).
  • Highly configurable
    Communications policy can be customized, including whitelisting and blacklisting.
  • Future-proof
    Anticipates expected developments in transmission standards and E/E architectures.
  • Powerful
    High-performance processing of data packets thanks to optimized hardware-software co-design.
  • Cost-effective
    Runs entirely on switch, which makes it easy to integrate into any ECU and easy to configure